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How To Rid Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

addiction depression hypnotherapy life coach negative thoughts stress Jul 12, 2020

Can’t rid negative thoughts from your mind? You’re not alone. Negative thoughts come from our subconscious mind where all the programming is stored. Find out more about the subconscious mind. The more we engage in the negative thoughts, the deeper they store in the subconscious (unconscious) mind.

Negative thoughts are not going anywhere until you face them

The way to change a negative thought process is to become more consciously aware and into the present moment. The way to that is by becoming aware of your thoughts by listening to what you are saying to yourself. Which words are you using? What images are you seeing? What are you feeling when negative thoughts arise? Hypnotherapy is a great way to tap in deeper.   Book a Free Consultation with Leanna so you can experience the profound impact of Hypnosis.

When you start to recognize and become aware of the negative thought pattern this will enable you to replace the thoughts, words, images, and feelings with positive thoughts, words, images, and feelings.

Rid negative thoughts by practicing positive thinking

The more you practice positive thinking the less negative thoughts will come forth. Once you have created this positive state, its easier for the subconscious mind to reach for positive thoughts, while negative thoughts start to disappear.

When you rid negative thoughts from your mind you’ll reap an abundance of benefits:

  • Your confidence level will increase
  • You will get to know yourself better
  • You will have more positive experiences,
  • You will start attracting people who are in harmony with you
  • You will start to enjoy all aspects of your life
  • You will become more open to new positive opportunities and have more choices

Ultimately, your dreams will start to become a reality.

 Hypnotherapy and Meditation help rid negative thoughts

Hypnotherapy and Meditation are great tools for expanding your conscious awareness. Learn to spend time in nature, awakening all your senses by noticing your surroundings. Write and repeat positive affirmations throughout your days. Focusing on your passion will help you reach goals. The more you practice positive thinking, the more positive thoughts start to reprogram in your subconscious (unconscious) mind, the more clarity and positive experiences you will start to notice in your life.

What do you do to rid negative thoughts from your mind? I would love to learn what works for you or even what you tried that doesn’t work.

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