Addiction is a big problem

Feb 18, 2020

Hypnotherapy for Addiction Treatment

Addiction doesn't discriminate, it happens to the best of us. Addictive behavior resulting in substance dependency is a big problem in today's society; 40 million Americans ages 12 and older - or one in seven people - struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. 

People hear addiction and automatically think drug or alcohol abuse, which is the most talked-about form; however, addiction roots much deeper than just substance. The craving comes in many forms categorized into alcohol/drug and behavioral. Eating disorders, sex, love, shopping, gambling, and much more are all forms of addiction. 


Many are using prescription drugs to reduce anxiety, panic attacks, sleep better, increase physical/mental energy, soothe physical pain, recovery from surgery, athletes with many physical injuries, headaches, and also emotional and mood stabilization.  People do not realize how addictive this medication can be, tolerance builds very quickly,...

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