Addiction is a big problem

Hypnotherapy for Addiction Treatment

Addiction doesn't discriminate, it happens to the best of us. Addictive behavior resulting in substance dependency is a big problem in today's society; 40 million Americans ages 12 and older - or one in seven people - struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. 

People hear addiction and automatically think drug or alcohol abuse, which is the most talked-about form; however, addiction roots much deeper than just substance. The craving comes in many forms categorized into alcohol/drug and behavioral. Eating disorders, sex, love, shopping, gambling, and much more are all forms of addiction. 


Many are using prescription drugs to reduce anxiety, panic attacks, sleep better, increase physical/mental energy, soothe physical pain, recovery from surgery, athletes with many physical injuries, headaches, and also emotional and mood stabilization.  People do not realize how addictive this medication can be, tolerance builds very quickly, one begins to crave for more, and finally, find themselves entirely controlled and hooked on prescription drugs. Some start to buy street drugs due to how convenient our medical system has supplied it to be, this is a deadly turn.  The hunger for more increases and becomes unmanageable and unstoppable by oneself. 


I've found that when working with individuals, people can become addicted to their emotional self, to be more specific addictions form around worrying, anxiety, fear,  depression, loneliness, and a negative mindset. This form of addiction can be compared to any toxic relationship, you know that it's painful, but you find comfort in staying with those emotions since that is your first nature.  If not brought to their attention, without help, most people do not have the right coping skills to deal with such emotions which are where drug dependency begins to form. When people spend time living in negativity over time this becomes conditioned behavior through life experiences.      


My name is Leanna Lapidus, I am a Hypnotherapist and Life coach, specializing in addiction recovery. It was my own life experiences, growing up around addiction, watching it grow, and heal that led me to be so passionate in this work today. I’ve spent endless time in the addiction treatment field, studying addictive human behavior, and helping countless individuals. I combine Hypnotherapy, as well as include my own methods that I have formed throughout the years to help individuals on their recovery journey.  


When working with clients, one of the questions I ask is: "When do you crave your drug of choice the most/what are your triggers?” majority of the answers start with an emotional trigger such as anxiety/ worry/ loneliness. Some others express external sources such as feeling judged, social interactions, or even thoughts of their financial status. There are endless beginnings to these actions.


The next question is "Why do you continue to use drugs/alcohol?” Most of the responses I gather are along the lines of finding an easy emotional escape, helping ease actual physical discomfort, and even giving individuals a boost of confidence. Most clients talk about how they feel more comfortable with their mind, their body and generally walking through daily life. My goal is to release them of the chemical dependency so that they are able to do all things listed with ease on their own.  


Lastly, and most importantly they are posed with the question of "Why do you want to stop now?” Almost everyone struggling with addiction has a desperation for living life without their dependency weighing them down, however, don’t hold enough self-discipline to do it on their own. Any reason you can imagine from as simple as being tired of feeling sick, to not wanting to lose family/friends, people generally want good for themselves.


In most cases, the source of pain is found in a person's lived experience, beginning with childhood trauma. Self-medicating is an attempt to escape deep formed pain rooted from childhood, which provides only temporary relief. Substance abuse is a reaction to pain. Without treating the pain first, the ongoing cycle of suffering continues. This often circles back and cause a relapse.

What pops into your head when you are asked to think of something traumatic? Trauma does not mean that a person suffered horrific experiences.  Emotional trauma can stem from something as minor as neglect or rejection. The experiences we live through impact us in ways that show up as trauma in other situations, even when we don’t associate it at most times. 


As humans, we all crave connection. Working with people from many backgrounds and accomplishments -- no matter how ideal their situation may be, at the end of the day, we still have a desire for inner peace, happiness, a craving for acceptance, and an authentic human connection. This is a natural human need for survival and sanity.

Hypnotherapy for Addiction treatment has endless benefits no matter what the starting point may be. Taking time to work on ourselves is not always the easiest thing to do, but at the same time, there is no predestination for when to begin or end. The process of healing takes time, and it is true that what you put into it, you will get back out. 


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With Love,

Leanna Lapidus

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