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Attention High Achievers:

Are you a driven professional, entrepreneur, or someone who's built a successful life? Are you also facing the secret struggle of addiction, a challenge that threatens to capsize everything you've achieved?

I'm Leanna Lapidus, and I understand.¬†For over a decade, I've helped countless individuals like you ‚Ästsuccessful, high-functioning people¬†who are discreetly battling substance abuse and wondering if there's a way back to the life you deserve.

Forget 12-step programs and one-size-fits-all solutions. My Choose Life Program is a confidential, personalized approach that leverages the power of holistic hypnotherapy, tailored coaching, and other empowering modalities to help you:

  • Reclaim control:¬†Break free from the grip of addiction and rediscover your true potential.
  • Maintain your lifestyle:¬†Navigate recovery without disrupting your career, relationships, or public image.
  • Rediscover your purpose:¬†Reconnect with your passions and redefine your success on your terms.

Recovery isn't about hitting rock bottom. It's about reclaiming your life, one empowered step at a time.

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Transformations Beyond Addiction

My Beautiful Clients 

Leanna has truly changed my life. I’ve been to many top therapists over the years and not a single one has helped me and changed my life in the way that she has. Her combination approach to life coaching, as well as hypnotherapy, is a rarity to find and works so well. Since starting with her I am dealing so much better with my depression and anxiety. Her approach works better for my anxiety than any medication. Leanna has also helped me navigate my career and graduate degree path as well. Leanna is so caring, insightful, intelligent, and easy to talk to. I cannot recommend Leanna enough.


I have been to numerous therapists in the past 8 years, having lived in England, Spain, Hong Kong, and the United States and I can honestly say that Leanna has been by far the best. She is extremely kind, patient, empathetic, and understanding. She is very professional and really dedicates herself to you. Leanna is a great listener and she has an exceptional ability to understand you and your situation and has always been able to provide me with logic behind my thoughts and actions. I feel really lucky to have met her, she has helped me navigate so many different issues in my life and I still continue to see her today. I could not recommend her more highly. I will be forever grateful for all of Leanna's help. She really has helped me turn my life around.


Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Cocaine Addiction Recovery

More Victorious Testimonials

I can’t thank Leanna enough for the change I’ve experienced since working with her. I’ve been doing cocaine at least 3 times a week for over thirty years and after about 10 sessions with her, my cravings are gone and I’ve never been healthier or happier. She has also been very helpful with my relationships. I couldn’t recommend her any higher, she’s the real deal.

Thank you, Leanna,


I am grateful to Leanna for giving me the tools to overcome my extremely painful past. I was stuck in a life of alcohol abuse trying to numb the pain.
Shortly after starting my sessions with Leanna, I felt hopeful.

She is a very caring person, who combines her expertise
in hypnotherapy making working with her something to which I looked forward.  I worked with Leanna for a couple of months and what she was able to accomplish with me was amazing.

I came out of therapy as a new, sober person equipped with all the tools I need to deal with whatever life throws my way. I'm five months sober now and loving it.  I absolutely can not say enough good things about Leanna and shall forever be thankful for the opportunity to work with her.



As a recovering heroin addict, I could have never survived without her help, support, and knowledge of what it takes to overcome this horrible disease. She has taught me so much and I look forward to our sessions twice a week. They bring me comfort, strength, hope, and determination to make it through this fight of my life.

I'm very blessed to have met her and have this opportunity. I can truly say without her, I wouldn't have made it. She is very kind, understanding, and skilled in what she does. I would highly recommend her because this works miracles and she does too!




Craving personalized addiction recovery?

Choose Life over Addiction: a 30-90 day program for:

  • Fresh-out-of-rehab wobbles?¬†Build unshakeable sobriety & a fulfilling life.
  • Struggling to put it down?¬†Learn real-world tools to manage cravings & withdrawals.
  • Relapsing too often?¬†Break the cycle with personalized support & guidance.
  • No time for rehab?¬†Get one-on-one therapy & coaching, built just for you.

Build unshakeable sobriety & rediscover your purpose. Personalized support for busy professionals.

"When you focus on renewing your mind, healing your heart, and connecting with your life purpose, you are taking steps towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life."

- Leanna Lapidus

Lets Find the Best Program for You.

about Leanna Lapidus 

Leanna Lapidus, your secret weapon for navigating life's choppy waters and landing on the shores of fulfillment.

She's not your average therapist. Leanna is a seasoned addiction specialist with a decade of transforming lives. Her journey, both personal and professional, gives her a unique understanding of the hidden currents holding you back.

Are you stuck in a holding pattern?


  • Ditching the white knuckles:¬†Replace anxiety and addiction with¬†empowered control and laser focus.
  • Unleashing your potential:¬†Discover your¬†inner compass¬†and navigate towards a life overflowing with¬†meaning and purpose.
  • Leaving shame and guilt behind:¬†Embrace¬†self-forgiveness and acceptance, paving the way for¬†authentic joy and connection.

Leanna's Choose Life program is your personalized roadmap. Through her unique proven methods, she'll equip you with the tools to:

  • Break free from addiction's grip:¬†Reclaim your¬†clarity, ambition, and drive.
  • Heal past wounds and rewrite your story:¬†Let go of baggage¬†and step into the future with confidence.
  • Rediscover your true north star:¬†Find your¬†life's purpose¬†and chase it with unwavering focus.

She's not just a therapist; she's your guide, your coach, your secret weapon. Leanna Lapidus has helped countless high achievers like you reclaim their prime and live life to the fullest.

Ready to chart a new course?

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