Are you..Struggling with Addiction, Anxiety, Depression OR Lack of Motivation?

HAVE YOU...Read Every Self Help Book Out There?
Seen Therapists and Achieved Little to No Results?

YOU are in the right place at the right time!

Choose to Start Living Now

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"Leanna has truly changed my life. I've been to many top therapists over the years and not a single one has helped me and changed my life in the way that she has. Her combination approach to life coaching as well as hypnotherapy is a rarity to find and works so well. Since starting with her I am dealing so much better with my depression and anxiety, I was an avid Xanax user until I met her and her approach works better for my anxiety than any medication. Leanna has also helped me navigate my career and graduate degree path as well. Leanna is so caring, insightful, intelligent and easy to talk to. I dumped my therapist of 3 years for her and I am so glad I did. I cannot recommend Leanna enough."


Heal within

Heal core causes that stem from childhood.


Discover the world within you, navigate to a meaningful life.

Live your dream life

Create the reality that you want to live.

Hello, my name is Leanna Lapidus I am the creator of this transformational online course “Choose to start living.”
With over a decade in practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP, Life Coach and Addiction Treatment Specialist I've gathered the proven techniques, tools and methods that have helped transform my life, my children and my clients lives for the better and I will be sharing all of it with you.
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  • Struggle with addictions of any kind

  • You have seen therapists and have had little to no results

  • Have issues with anxiety and worry 

  • Experience sleepless nights

  • Feel stuck in life /Want to move forward

  • Unsatisfied with your current life

  • Have self-doubt and lack of confidence 



  • 14 Insightful Transformative Video Lessons
  • 4 Powerful guided meditations that are specifically tailored for each module 
  • Your self discovery workbook that will work hand in hand with the lesson videos to super-charge your results.
  • Also get access to a private community Facebook page!
  •  This process will guide you towards freedom from addictions, stress and worry, leading you to feeling whole, connected and confident in yourself.
  • Lessons include specific information about how to overcome self-sabotage, heal your past, create positive emotional shifts, to writing your positive future life script.
  • Learn coping skills on how to reprogram your brain to work for YOU and create the life you only dream about.
  • Receive Tangible action steps to help you make peace with your past to living a bright future.
  • Taking you towards success in all aspects of your life.
  • Find out WHY you repeat the same patterns over and over again
  • Learn how you mind works
  • Self-awareness is important
  • Intentional mind power
  • Releasing the old patterns meditation to create new 
  • The power of thought
  • Strongest feelings emerge
  • Use your past to empower YOU
  • Healing the hurt parts of self
  • Healing within guide meditation
  • Create your experience of reality
  • Your current life script
  • Rewrite your life script
  • Guided visualization meditation of your new life
  • Language is a tool
  • Goals or Intentions
  • How to write and set your daily intentions-mental preparation 
  • Guided meditation for daily intention setting 

Your Personal Self-Discovery Workbook Included

and a Private Community FB Page 

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One Time Payment Standard Package. Entire Life Results

14 In-Depth Transformative   Video Lessons

4 Healing Meditations

Your Self Discovery Workbook

Private Community FB Page

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One Time Payment Deluxe Package. Entire Life Results

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Three Personalized 1:1 Sessions with Leanna

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