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Learn how to take control of your life and develop practical ways to make life changes.


Identify the root causes and self-sabotaging habits that keep you in your addiction.

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"I can’t thank Leanna enough for the change I’ve experienced since working with her. I’ve been doing cocaine at least 3 times a week for over thirty years and after about 10 sessions with her, my cravings are gone and I’ve never been healthier or happier. She has also been very helpful with my relationships. I couldn’t recommend her any higher, she’s the real deal. Thank you Leanna"


"Leanna came highly recommended to me from a friend for my smoking addiction. I was a skeptic and said, believe in that, but why not give it a try? Everything else failed. I went for 3 sessions and one day I realized. I have not smoked in 3 weeks and that was 3 months ago. Still not smoking."


"I am grateful for Leanna giving me the tools to over come my extremely painful past. Before I started working with Leanna I felt broken and lost. I was stuck in a life of alcohol abuse trying to numb the pain. Shortly after starting my sessions with Leanna I felt hopeful. She is a very caring person, that combined with her expertise in hypnotherapy made working with her something to which I looked forward to. I worked with Leanna for a couple of months and what she was able to accomplish with me was amazing. I came out of therapy a new, sober person equipped with all the tools I need to deal with what ever life throws my way. I'm five months sober now and loving it. I absolutely can not say enough good things about Leanna and shall forever be thankful for the opportunity to work with her."


"Leanna has truly changed my life. I’ve been to many top therapists over the years and not a single one has helped me and changed my life in the way that she has. Her combination approach to life coaching as well as hypnotherapy is a rarity to find and works so well. Since starting with her I am dealing so much better with my depression and anxiety. Her approach works better for my anxiety than any medication. Leanna has also helped me navigate my career and graduate degree path as well. Leanna is so caring, insightful, intelligent and easy to talk to. I cannot recommend Leanna enough."


"I have done therapy in the past and all I have to say is this about Leanna Lapidus -- she is the best there is! She not only has helped me overcome my addiction with alcohol, she has also helped me find true healing and strength from places where I thought I was weak. She helped me attain empowerment and gave me all of the tools that I need for my healing and self-expansion. I don't want to just get through my days now, I want to live them to the fullest thanks to her. I have been seeing her for months and I plan on continuing to do so. She truly cares about her clients and this is more than just a job for her. I can tell that this is her passion and she genuinely wants to help change lives. I can honestly say that she has helped change mine. I am so grateful for Leanna Lapidus and I could not give her any higher of a recommendation."



Hypnotherapy will help you with:

  • Withdrawal symptoms - body aches - mental confusion
  • Reduce mental - emotional - and physical cravings
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Release negative thoughts
  • Replace negative habits with positive
  • Increase motivation - hope
  • Increase clarity - focus
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Increased physical energy
  • Self value and self worth

Life-Coaching for Addiction Recovery

In early recovery, it is vital to have new coping skills, as most people feel brand new to a life they are unfamiliar with in early stages of recovery.  In my experience working at Passages drug and alcohol Treatment centers for over six years, I have witnessed people succeed in long term sobriety with a goal-oriented, and solution focused coaching, as people tend to self-sabotage without structured guidance.

Life Coaching is tailored to your specific needs, setting goals for particular outcomes, and expanding the range of what you understand to be possible. Unlike talk therapy, Life Coaching focuses on where you are now, rather than the past. It enables you to take control of your life and develop practical ways to make life changes and achieve your goals. It encourages you to clarify what is important to you. 

Here is what will happen, you will:

  • Set motivating and achievable goals
  • Get a "next-step" action plan
  • Create a vision of your ideal life
  • Develop coping skills that serve you better
  • Gain clarity about what really matters to you
  • Discover your passion or life purpose
  • Reconnect with your intuition
  • Learn to trust yourself again
  • Improve your focus, time management, and productivity
  • You will feel confident, increased self-value and self-worth
  • Have better communication with loved ones
  • Healthier relationships
  • Find increased meaning and satisfaction in your life
  • Be FREE from addiction
  • Live a life you LOVE!

Hypnotherapy and Life-Coaching coexist. 

While Life-Coaching leads you to where you want to be Hypnotherapy breaks through and heals emotional blockages, motivates and inspires you throughout the process of getting there.

Hypnotherapy and Life-Coaching is a valuable part of a comprehensive recovery plan. The hardest part of recovery is often abstaining from substance abuse. Hypnotherapy can train a person to access their thoughts and target those who foster the need for substances.

Life-Coaching will help you set goals for particular outcomes and expand the range of what you understand to be possible.

Hypnotherapy treatment “reinforces positive changes to break the addiction.” Further, Hypnotherapy can help a person train themselves and re-program their mind to respond healthily to change negative behaviors and live a life free from addiction.

People undergoing Hypnotherapy often get in touch with their feelings of personal mastery and power and feel able to "unlock" themselves from long-term behavior patterns that were previously inflexible and rigid. 

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Healing For Family and Friends of Struggling Addicts

Are you a parent, friend, spouse or child of a loved one who struggles with Alcohol, Prescription Pills, or Drug Addiction?

Are you worried of what will happen to you and your loved one?

Hello, my name is Leanna, I want you to know that there is a way for you to feel better about your current situation and help your loved one to overcome drug or alcohol addiction.

You must understand it starts with you getting the proper help and guidance. I have lived what you are living now and been the observer of addiction in my family my entire life. I understand the depth of your sadness and hopelessness and all the other terrifying feelings that come with your experience. Through my personal struggle with  depression and addiction in my family, I had to heal myself first, to be of any help to others.

For nearly a decade, I have been counseling individuals and groups at Passages Treatment Center, a detox treatment center and out-patient program for people recovering from addiction to substances.  I’ve been blessed to have an inside look at individuals struggling with addiction, and feel honored to be a part of their transformation.

Working closely with individuals in recovery I hear what they are missing in their lives, what they need, what they are not getting, the relationship with their loved ones and how much emotional pain they are in themselves. I have found a way out and I want you to have a way out too. Being a part of my sons journey of recovery, learning and growing with him has led me to a career in helping families and individuals conquer addiction! I take the approach of self-awareness, healing traumas, compassion and owning your truth.

Through the powerful tool of Hypnotherapy and  Life Coaching, I will teach you the tools you need on how to heal yourself and help your loved ones. You will learn how and why you do the things that you do, how and why you feel what you feel. Finally, you will learn how to gain control of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and take proper action to create a life of inner peace, joy, and happiness.

These new skills will allow you to lovingly nurture and comfort yourself and your loved ones. After learning all of this your life will never be the same, you will no longer feel bad for yourself, you will stop punishing yourself and end self-sabotage, instead, you will create a life of fulfillment and freedom.

Are you ready to change your life for the better? Are you ready to watch your loved ones get help and put their addiction to rest? 

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