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Hi, my name is Leanna Lapidus.

My mission is to share the tools and techniques with those who are still suffering, that have helped me and so many others to live a quality life.

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, moved to Los Angeles, CA in 1979, with my parents and my brother, have been living here since.  As a child, I experience many changes within my environment often left me feeling different; I witnessed addiction within my family and the behaviors associated with the habit. Knowing how to handle this situation from such a young age is what later sparked my inspiration to learn the tools to treat the behaviors associated with addiction. At a young age, which was a fearful stage in my life I became a single mother of two. With both of my parents gone and no one to lean on, going through my children’s challenges with them as well and treating them as my own, I had to choose which path I would take: strength, or weakness. Years of struggling went on when I finally decided to turn my life around. Through my way of overcoming anxiety, depression, and worries of lack of purpose I have developed coping skills and techniques that have helped me and so far many others cross that bridge to a better life. Transforming my life with hypnotherapy, meditative practices and working to develop a healthier mindset also helped me lead my son and daughter in the right direction.

I specialize in addiction recovery, who’s name owns a huge misconception. People hear addiction and automatically hear drug abuse which is the most talked about form; however addiction roots much deeper than just substance. The craving comes in many forms categorized into alcohol/drug and behavioral. What we refuse to notice is that eating disorders, sex, love, gambling and much more are all forms of addiction. Along with my private practice, working at Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for over a decade now, providing individual, family and group therapy, I’ve come to see that 99% of people delve into addictive patterns of anxiety, worry, fear, and depression, which become conditioned behaviors through repetitive life experience just like any other addictions. All of these things spur up as consequences of the experience of trauma, negative self-beliefs, and depression.

With Hypnotherapy for healing, Life-coaching, and Meditative visualization methods, we work deeper to find the root of such difficulty. I have been practicing these techniques professionally for over a decade to discover underlying ways and practices of treatment. We work on healing traumas and learning how to live an addiction-free, empowered life. I continue to work with a range of people from high profile celebrities to stay at home parents, entrepreneurs, young adults, and provide parenting skills and intervention training for families. Something I’ve noticed all across is that as humans we all share a need for something better, whether it be ultimate happiness, inner peace, loving relationships or acceptance from other people, we work together to achieve that.

In my sessions clients feel understood, supported and inspired. I provide a safe space where clients can allow themselves to be open and honest. Clients who have worked with me say that the experience is a pleasant way to receive therapy, experiencing a profound feeling of inner peace and a deep connection with one's self. Experiencing life-changing results.  Within this open state of mind together we plant new positive suggestions into the subconscious, opening up new pathways, naturally leading to living a healthy, addiction-free lifestyle. Through repetitive reinforcement ones, the mind starts to accept these new thoughts then eventually starts to live them. Life begins to align in a way which guides the individual in taking proper action leading to desired outcomes.


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Addiction Treatment 

Anxiety Healing-Coping Skills


Trauma Healing


Healing the child within

Relationship Coaching 

Parenting Skills

Therapeutic Imagery

Professional Certifications:

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Life/Accountability Coach

Meditation Teacher

Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner

Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator

Honor Graduate from HMI 

Certified Yoga Instructor

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