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Hello my name is Leanna Lapidus I am Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, and Addiction Treatment Specialist, in practice for over a decade, along with my private practice for the last 7 years working in addiction recovery treatment centers facilitating groups, individual and family sessions. 

I've chosen this path because I have overcome depression, fears, anxiety and constant worry and my mission is to  help others do the same.  

Whatever you are facing right now in your life, I want you to know that there is a solution.  In just one session, expect to be inspired and motivated to enjoy being YOU!

For your convenience sessions are available in the comfort of your home or office on Zoom as well as in person.

If you would like to experience inner peace, discover your life purpose or learn more about how I can help you click the link below to book your free consultation. 



"I have been to numerous therapists in the past 8 years, having lived in England, Spain, Hong Kong and the United States and I can honestly say that Leanna has been by far the best. She is extremely kind, patient, empathetic and understanding. She is very professional and really dedicates herself to you. Leanna is a great listener and she has an exceptional ability to understand you and your situation and has always been able to provide me with logic behind my thoughts and actions. I feel really lucky to have met her, she has helped me navigate so many different issues in my life and I still continue to see her today. I could not recommend her more highly. I will be forever grateful for all of Leanna's help. She really has helped me turn my life around. "

Overcome fear and worry
A T Gonzalez

"I have done therapy in the past and all I have to say about Leanna Lapidus is this — she is the best there is. She not only has helped me overcome my addiction with alcohol, but she has also helped me find true healing and strength from places where I thought I was weak. She helped me attain empowerment and she gave me all of the tools I need to continue my healing and self-expansion. I don’t want to just get through my days now, I want to live them to the fullest thanks to her. I have been seeing her for months and I plan on continuing to do so. She genuinely cares about her clients and this is more than just a job for her. I can tell that this is her passion and she truly does want to help change lives. I can honestly say that she has changed mine — I am so grateful for Leanna Lapidus and could not give her any higher of a recommendation."

Alcohol Addiction Recovery

"I have recently started seeing Leanna and the results are mind blowing. After only two sessions i feel a world of a difference. She gave me the proper tools to use in my daily life to overcome my issues. She is great at what she does and is the perfect guide to the journey within oneself. I highly recommend you give her a try. You definitely will not regret it!"

Anxiety Relief
Nathan V.

"I have been working with Leanna since September and it’s been life changing. Unlike most therapy, her approach is celebratory and life-affirming. She continues to help me reframe my thinking, strive for greatness, and meet my goals. I would describe her style as highly insightful, empowering and compassionate. No matter what aspect of your life you are trying to improve, Leanna is a gem. She’s helped me in ways that traditionalists haven’t been able to tap into."

Improve Self Confidence
Jamie T.

"I am grateful for Leanna giving me the tools to over come my extremely painful past. Before I started working with Leanna I felt broken and lost. I was stuck in a life of alcohol abuse trying to numb the pain. Shortly after starting my sessions with Leanna I felt hopeful. She is a very caring person, that combined with her expertise in hypnotherapy made working with her something to which I looked forward to. I worked with Leanna for a couple of months and what she was able to accomplish with me was amazing. I came out of therapy a new, sober person equipped with all the tools I need to deal with what ever life throws my way. I'm five months sober now and loving it. I absolutely can not say enough good things about Leanna and shall forever be thankful for the opportunity to work with her."

Overcome Depression and Hopelessness

"I can’t thank Leanna enough for the change I’ve experienced since working with her. I’ve been doing cocaine at least 3 times a week for over thirty years and after about 10 sessions with her, my cravings are gin and I’ve never been healthier or happier. She has also been very helpful with my relationships. I couldn’t recommend her any higher, she’s the real deal. Thank you Leanna, Rick"

Defeat Cocaine Addiction
Rick L.

"Leanna has truly changed my life. I’ve been to many top therapists over the years and not a single one has helped me and changed my life in the way that she has. Her combination approach to life coaching as well as hypnotherapy is a rarity to find and works so well. Since starting with her I am dealing so much better with my depression and anxiety. Her approach works better for my anxiety than any medication. Leanna has also helped me navigate my career and graduate degree path as well. Leanna is so caring, insightful, intelligent and easy to talk to. I cannot recommend Leanna enough."

Freedom from Substance Abuse - Career Coaching

"I am a single mom of 2, dentist, business owner, emotionally a very strong person but have my moments, even breakdowns. To deal with stress, anxiety, sadness, stress I used to work out 3 times a day. Workouts made me feel better but did not help me resolve my sadness and anxiety. One day at yoga I was so overwhelmed that I ran out of class crying. I had so much on my mind, I felt sad and angry. My friend recommended for me to try therapy. I did not really believe in therapy or hypnosis before I met Leanna Lapidus. Even after our first session I felt a shift. Talking to Leanna about my situation and looking at a root cause clarified so many things. She was so compassionate, understanding, not judgmental. It was so easy to open up. During hypnosis session I cried my eyes out. It felt so awesome to release my emotions. I felt incredible when I opened my eyes. As the day went by I could not stop smiling. Nothing changed in my life, but I changed the way I react to situations and deal with fears, anxiety. I made a commitment to myself to continue with therapy. I know that I am a better mom, boss, dentist, future partner to someone when I am emotionally healthy. I highly recommend Leanna Lapidus."

Resolve Sadness and Anxiety
Lena S.

Joel Relampagos Testimonial

Addiction Recovery - Life Purpose


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  • Connect with Life Purpose
  • Addiction Recovery Treatment 
  • Coping Skills to overcome Anxiety - Stress - Worry
  • Freedom from Fears
  • Combat Negative Thinking
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Emotional Stability
  • Trauma Healing
  • Insomnia
  • Healing the child within
  • Relationship Coaching 
  • Parenting Skills

Professional Certifications:

  • Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Hypnotherapy Certification Instructor
  • Life-Coach
  • Mindfulness Teacher
  • Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing)
  • Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Instructor
  • Yoga Instructor

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