Co-Creating A Strategy To Discover Your Potential

"“Dear Leanna, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. In two short months you have helped me succeed in what I had attempted on my own for decades. With patience and true caring, you gave me tools to lead the productive, peaceful and content life I always longed for. More importantly, you didn’t just give me the tools — you showed me how to use those tools effectively. I had read dozens of self-help books and seen various therapists over the years, but you actually taught me “how to do it”. Your meditation technique, hypnotherapy and counseling have empowered me to change my life for the better. I will be forever grateful. Once again, thank you!”"


"It is my first time going to a life coach. I found Leanna online and by reading her reviews I was hooked. My challenge was fear and so much of it that made my life so difficult. Any way, it is my fourth week with Leanna and what can I say. I did not think or imagine to have such progress and improvement in such a short time. Her secret is simple, she cares, she will be there for you to guide you and to show you that there is a way, a better one and the moment you see that, you are ALIVE. I am alive. I am grateful for that, Leanna."


Life Coaching is tailored to your specific needs, setting goals for particular outcomes, and expanding the range of what you understand to be possible. Unlike talk therapy, Life Coaching focuses on where you are now, rather than the past. It enables you to take control of your life and develop practical ways to make life changes and achieve your goals. It encourages you to clarify what is important to you. It can expand your vision of who you are, help you find motivation and excitement, diminish self-doubt and procrastination, and increase your self-confidence.

Life Coaching is a purposeful conversation where you clarify thought processes, resolve problems, reach agreements, and commit to actions. Life Coaching conversations leave you refreshed, inspired, and ready for action. Using an integrated approach tailored to you, we will co-create a strategy to get you on track. Find the excellence that lies at the core of who you are.

If you are feeling stuck in your life currently, unsure how to achieve your goals, recovering from a bad relationship or divorce, repeating patterns or merely seeking guidance, I will help you find solutions.

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